Early Orthodontics Treatment

Teen Orthodontics and Braces

We provide braces for teens who want to live a life of confidence! A beautiful, healthy smile can change your life—from the inside out. That’s because beautiful teeth aren’t just about the appearance. Teen orthodontic treatment can improve your teen’s sleep quality, breathing ability and chewing functionality.

For decades now, our highly-experienced orthodontists (Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon) have been creating customized orthodontic solutions for teens. We offer a variety of treatments for our teen patients, including Invisalign® Teen, traditional/metal braces, Clarity™ ceramic braces, SmartClip™ self-ligating braces, and a form of clear aligners!


Signs that Your Teen Needs Orthodontic Treatment

There are a few signs that your teen may need orthodontic treatment before he or she visits us for a complimentary exam. Common signs and symptoms include:


Another way to determine whether your teen would benefit from treatment—do they hide their smile? If they aren’t confident in their smile and they cover their teeth often, orthodontic treatment can be life-changing.


Why is teen orthodontic treatment important?

Beginning orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners in the early teen years has a number of benefits:

  • Teen orthodontic treatment can completely eliminate the need for treatment in the future. When our orthodontists are able to identify and intervene with problematic orthodontic conditions before they stabilize, we can often use a form of braces or clear aligners to treat these conditions. Once the teeth and jaw bones have stabilized in the young adult years, a more intensive treatment (like jaw surgery) may be required to effectively correct the condition.

Not only can teen treatment save parents money, but it can save teens from years of discomfort or soreness due to teeth or bite misalignments.

Teen orthodontic treatment enables greater hygiene. When the teeth are properly aligned, they’re much easier to clean and maintain. When teeth are overlapping, crooked or crowded, it’s difficult to brush and floss thoroughly between each tooth. Improper brushing and flossing can lead to cavities (tooth decay), tartar buildup, gum disease, yellow teeth and bad breath!

Treatment can make a world of a difference in your teen’s oral hygiene.

Teen orthodontic treatment can create the necessary room for all permanent teeth to grow. Many people are born with narrow palates (upper jaws), which forces teeth to overlap and crowd each other as they’re erupting through the gums. This can lead to a number of painful complications, especially when the wisdom teeth are emerging. Crowded teeth can also make it difficult to sleep and breathe as the airways are obstructed. (Mouth-breathing is a huge sign that the airways are obstructed!)


Some people don’t even realize that their orthodontic condition is impacting their life! You may think it’s normal to wake up feeling unrested, or the clicking in your jaw is just something you have to deal with, or you’ll never have a smile that makes you proud to show off.

Nobody has to settle for a decent smile or a decent quality of life. Beginning orthodontic treatment in the early teen years can set the stage for a happy, healthy life.

When your teen visits us for an orthodontic exam, our orthodontists will assess their teeth and bite alignments and discuss any smile-related symptoms they may be experiencing. The best way to determine whether your teen would benefit from treatment is by scheduling his or her complimentary exam with us!

We’re proud to offer favorable options for our teen patients. We provide clear aligners and invisible braces in Macon and Warner Robins!


Still have questions about teen orthodontics and braces?

Orthodontics can change your life at any age. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment for you or your teen, we urge you to reach out to us or schedule your complimentary exam with our highly experienced orthodontists in Macon and Warner Robins. We want to assess your condition, hear your concerns and discuss what orthodontics can do for you.