Invisalign For Teens

With Invisalign for teens, our young-adult patients can straighten their smile with confidence.

We are proud to be Invisalign® Diamond Plus Providers! Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon are recognized as one of our nation’s top Invisalign Providers and have successfully treated over 5,000 cases with Invisalign. At Spillers Orthodontics, every patient can be an Invisalign or clear aligners patient.

Why Invisalign for Teens?

We know that each of our patients is unique—especially teens! Our teen patients have varying preferences, lifestyles, needs and goals, and it’s our job to accommodate those. Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable, removable and practically invisible.

No Diet Restrictions

You won’t have any diet restrictions, as you’ll be able to remove your aligners to eat. You’ll also remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth, so you won’t have to work around any brackets or wires!

No Extracurricular Restrictions

Invisalign for teens allows you to continue playing sports or musical instruments without worry of cutting your lip on metal brackets and wires.

Done in Half The Time!

Our knowledge and expertise enable us to complete Invisalign treatments in about half the time as a typical metal braces treatment, too! Teens can expect a quick and effective treatment with Invisalign.

Conditions Treated with Invisalign for Teens

With Invisalign Teen technology, we can treat a wide range of complex orthodontic conditions!

While the jaw bones are still developing in the early teen years, Invisalign is ideal for guiding permanent teeth into a straight and healthy alignment. We treat the following conditions with Invisalign for Teens:

Invisalign attachments are often used with Invisalign to apply additional, gentle force to the teeth during the Invisalign process. These specialized attachments are small, tooth-colored shapes that fill the space between the aligner and the tooth. This adds strategic pressure to support movement of individual teeth for a more effective treatment.

We make the cost of Invisalign affordable.

Most orthodontists have to upcharge for this modern technology, but our experience and expertise enable us to provide Invisalign at the same price as other, traditional types of braces.

Invisalign is Ideal for Teens!

The ability to remove Invisalign is one of the great benefits of these modern braces for teens! Many teens appreciate the ability to remove their aligners when brushing their teeth, flossing, and eating.

Not only are these aligners practically-invisible, removable, and increasingly hygienic—(all of the essentials for teens)—but they also include “eruption tabs” that hold space open in the mouth to allow new, undeveloped molars to emerge. These tabs guide growing teeth into alignment as they’re erupting.

African American teen wearing a light gray shirt, in a natural setting.

Still have questions about Invisalign for Teens?

Our orthodontists, Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon, are highly experienced in treating teenagers with Invisalign! Discover why so many young adult patients are choosing Invisalign for teens.


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