Meet Dr. Spillers

J. Don Spillers, Jr., DMD, MS

Dr. Spillers

Every morning, I come into my office excited to have both the opportunity to meet new, fascinating people, and to nurture my existing relationships with my patients.

I feel that orthodontics is the greatest profession. Every morning, I come into my office excited to have both the opportunity to meet new, fascinating people, and to nurture my existing relationships with my patients. Every patient and family that comes to my practice is truly a new chance to make a positive impact and build a wonderful friendship. That is what life should be about, I believe. I knew I wanted to be an orthodontist when I was in middle school and going through braces myself. The incredible experience I had, and the difference that orthodontics made in my life, made me want to share that with others. I know how having a healthy, beautiful smile can change the world for a patient, and lead to a fuller, happier life. Being an orthodontist allows me to make that happen for others.

Dr. Gordon holding a mold of teeth


Continuing Education

Dr. Spillers is a strong advocate for continuing education in all professional fields. As an orthodontist, he firmly believes it’s essential to stay current on the latest technologies and treatment techniques in order to provide our patients with the most advanced and effective treatment options available.

Dr. Spillers is an active attendee and participant in orthodontic lectures, seminars, and conferences throughout the year. The Spillers orthodontic team often attends with him, because they too believe in furthering their knowledge in order to serve our patients well.

Dr. Spillers continuing education

Professional Associations

Dr. Spillers’ professional affiliations allow him to connect and interact with fellow orthodontists and other dental care professionals.

“Together, we learn and grow, sharing knowledge that allows us to ensure the right care for those we serve,” says Dr. Spillers.

Dr. Spillers’ professional memberships include:

Home Life

Dr. Spillers and his wife Cheryl, who was a childhood friend, have two children, Trey and Amy. “Our family loves being together and enjoys fishing and hunting. We are also very active in our church and take our commitment to our community very seriously,” says Dr. Spillers.

Community Involvement

Helping others is very important to who I am.

“I volunteer my time and am a board member of the Rehoboth Life Care Dental Clinic. My family and I traveled to Tanzania on a dental mission trip, and we are very involved with the Angel House Orphanage there. I am also a sponsor of the Wounded Warriors Program and have taken military members and their families on fishing trips.

I am a part of the 30-30 Ministries program, as well, and am on the Leadership Team for my local church. I am a provider for Smiles Change Lives, a nation-wide program that helps families, who cannot afford the full cost of braces, to secure treatment for their children by connecting them with local orthodontic providers willing to donate their services. I also volunteer at the St. Lucia Dental Clinic through St. Jude Hospital.

I truly believe that it “takes a village” to raise strong, healthy, responsible children, and I was blessed to have wonderful mentors as I was growing up. I strive to continue that legacy in all I do, and being an orthodontist allows me to be a positive influence in the lives of my younger patients.” – Dr. Spillers