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Accelerated Treatment


Because of our commitment to provide the best orthodontic treatment possible for our patients, Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon offer Propel® in Warner Robins or Macon, Georgia. Propel is an advanced orthodontic technique that works together with your braces or aligners to put your orthodontic treatment on the fast track. Propel allows us to provide accelerated orthodontics. Most patients can have their orthodontic treatment completed in about half the usual time.

Propel works with your biology to stimulate the bone around the teeth. This helps your teeth move more quickly and predictably into their ideal positions so that our orthodontists can reveal your new smile faster and with fewer visits to Spillers Orthodontics. Propel can help our orthodontists stimulate those stubborn, hard-to-move teeth. Propel also reduces discomfort that may be associated with orthodontic treatment. Propel is a gentle, fast, and safe way to speed up your orthodontic treatment.

Spillers Orthodontics offers Propel for Invisalign® and braces and offers complimentary consultations to all. If you would like to accelerate your treatment with braces or Invisalign, ask us about Propel today.



Because every patient is unique, Spillers Orthodontics offers AcceleDent for those patients desiring a non invasive way to accelerate their orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontics works by changing or remodeling the bones surrounding your teeth. As this remodeling process is accelerated, your teeth move more quickly. AcceleDent uses tiny vibrations designed to speed up bone remodeling, which in turn, accelerates tooth movement.

Patients wear the mouthpiece for 20 minutes everyday while undergoing orthodontic treatment. AcceleDent Aura can speed up tooth movement, decrease the duration of your treatment, and may make your treatment more comfortable. AcceleDent is a FDA-cleared, class II medical device.

Still have questions about accelerated treatment?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at either of our locations in Macon or Warner Robins. If you’re ready to get started, schedule a free orthodontic exam for you or your child today!