Girl wearing self ligating braces

SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Braces

Most orthodontists offer traditional metal braces as a treatment option to move patients’ teeth.

Each orthodontist has their own preference of what brand and type of braces to use for their patients. Spillers Orthodontics uses 3M SmartClip self-ligating braces for patients who want to achieve a great smile with a comfortable and efficient treatment process in Warner Robins or Macon.

Innovative self-ligating braces are made of high-grade, space age metal alloys and are known to be very comfortable and discreet. 

How do self-ligating braces work?

Most traditional metal braces use elastic ties or rubber bands to anchor the archwire to the bracket. SmartClip self-ligating braces work differently. SmartClip self-ligating braces use a passive slide mechanism to align the teeth, meaning brackets are clipped into the archwire to hold the wire in place. That archwire is activated by the patient’s body heat and tightens the wire to move the teeth very gradually, yet consistently. 

This tie-less function makes these braces more comfortable, as it minimizes friction. It also allows teeth to move independently of each other (instead of moving simultaneously), which allows for a quicker, more efficient treatment process. 

Other types of traditional metal braces use elastic ties or rubber bands to anchor the archwire to the bracket, whereas self-ligating braces are completely tie-less. Also, the archwire is activated by your body heat so your teeth are slowly and consistently moving. 

Do self-ligating braces need to be tightened?

No, self-ligating braces don’t have rubber bands that need replacing. Our favorite thing about  3M SmartClip self-ligating braces is that the archwire bends and moves your teeth so that the archwire uses your own body heat to move the teeth. Which means fewer orthodontist visits for you! At each appointment, Dr. Spillers or Dr. Gordon will simply assess your progress to determine if any changes need to be made to your treatment plan. 

But even though self-ligating braces don’t require rubber bands to attach the archwire to the bracket, we are happy to offer colorful rubber bands that can be placed on your braces just for decoration. Many people enjoy showing off a colorful smile,

Benefits of SmartClip Self-ligating Braces

For patients who wish to maintain a clean and professional appearance using a highly-effective and innovative form of braces, SmartClip self-ligating braces are an ideal option!

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