Spillers Spotlight: John Brumfield, Lab Tech

John Brumfield, or Johnny as we know him, rarely cracks a smile. He puts on a stoic front, but his dry wit and ability to find humor in the most unlikely situations always make us laugh. He’s a jokester at heart. You may see him around the office sometimes wearing a white lab coat. But he can often be found hard at work in the in-office laboratory soldering and welding, making orthodontic appliances.

Johnny has a very important job at Spillers Orthodontics. As our laboratory technician, he oversees our in-house laboratory and makes our orthodontic appliances, with the exception of Invisalign, aligners, and sleep apnea appliances. If you or your child wore an orthodontic appliance during your treatment with us, chances are, Johnny made it.

There are several advantages of having Johnny as our on-site laboratory technician. One is quality control. Johnny is able to make sure all appliances are made using the highest quality materials and are made to the doctor’s precise specifications. Having him here also saves time for our patients as Johnny can often make the needed appliance the same day as their appointment while they wait, saving patients from making trips back and forth to the office.

Though many of the orthodontic appliances we use have been around for a long time, today’s digital technology has improved the way models are stored and appliances are made. 3D models of each patient’s mouth are stored digitally, rather than as plaster models, which can get lost or broken. The digital storage saves time and space, which allows for more accurate models to make the appliances. As a result, the appliances fit better. And this makes Johnny happy.

However, the best part of the job Johnny says, is seeing the treatment results of the appliances he’s made. Johnny says, “When a patient first gets an orthodontic appliance in his or her mouth, they’re usually not happy about it. However, when they see the great results the appliance provided, they’re happier, and that’s rewarding.”

Johnny has worked at Spillers Orthodontics since April of 1994, and is about to celebrate his 20th work anniversary. We are grateful daily for his expertise and contribution to Team Spillers.

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