Spillers Smile Quiz

Spillers Smile Quiz

Our experience enables us to provide you with options in effective orthodontic treatments! We don’t want you to be limited in your treatment choice—regardless of your age or specific condition.

While other orthodontists’ experience may confine them to provide one treatment over the other, we offer clear aligners and braces to all of our patients.

So, which treatment best suits your lifestyle? Take the Spillers Smile Quiz to find out!

*If you are filling this out for someone else, please answer the following questions as that person.

    1. Are you considering orthodontic treatment for you or someone else?

    2. What is your end goal with treatment?

    3. Which of the following best describes you? (Check all that apply.)

    4. Have you undergone orthodontic treatment in the past?

    5. What is the patient's (or your) name and birthday?

    How would you like to be contacted?

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    Your Results:

    You are eligible for treatment with clear aligners!

    Based on your answers, you are an ideal candidate for clear aligner treatment. Depending on a further assessment, you may be better suited for SO Clear Aligners or Invisalign® clear aligners

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