Do I Need A Repair Appointment?

SC SystemIf you have damage to your braces, the [practice_name] team is happy to talk with you about what to do! So, when you notice that something is broken, we recommend doing the following things:

Assess the situation
If you have a loose bracket, the first thing to determine is if the bracket is still attached to the wire. If the bracket is still attached but it is out of place, shift it back into place using a cotton swab. If the loose bracket is bothering you, place orthodontic wax around it. If the bracket is no longer attached to the wire, simply remove the bracket, place in a plastic bag, and bring it to your next visit. Be sure to call our office after you have assessed the situation; our team will advise you if a repair appointment is needed or if the bracket can be re-bonded at your next regular visit.

Take control
If a wire is protruding and bothering you, you can clip the wire with fingernail clippers. It’s best to clip the wire as close to the bracket as possible. Afterwards, call our office to schedule an appointment to replace your wire. When you call, make sure you explain the situation so our team can be determine how best to help you.

If you have any questions or if you need additional help, please feel free to call [phone] and talk to a member of our orthodontic team. We are always here to help you achieve a healthy new smile!

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