5 Ways to Prepare Before Getting Braces

Braces are life changing!

After braces, your teeth will never go back to their pre-braces condition (as long as you wear your retainer, that is). Your smile is changed forever! This is extremely exciting, but it does leave room for a few questions.

How can you prepare yourself before this life-changing treatment? Come to your appointment in-the-know with 5 ways to prepare before getting braces!

What to do Before Getting Braces

  1. Prepare yourself mentally.

    It’s normal to feel nervous before your braces appointment. The best cure for nerves is to become educated! Before your braces appointment, we will do our part to educate you on the process of getting your braces placed on. We’ll clue you in on what to expect so you don’t go into your appointment blind. Do some research of your own as well to ease any lingering fears. Read about other people’s experiences with braces and what to expect from a patient’s point of view. Prepare yourself mentally so you go into your appointment knowing what’s going to happen next and what purpose it serves in your braces treatment.

  2. Prepare for soreness, slight discomfort and adjustment.

    You will experience a little soreness and discomfort as your teeth and gums adjust to your braces. Your mouth isn’t used to the constant pressure of braces yet. As your teeth initially adjust, they will feel sore and tender. To counteract the discomfort, you can take pain medications, like tylenol. Be sure to have some medication on hand in case it becomes necessary during the first week or two of your braces treatment. The discomfort in your mouth will ease quickly as your mouth rapidly adjusts and heals.

  3. Stock up on precautionary items.

    At your appointment, we will discuss the items you may need, and we will provide you with a small care kit. Solutions such as Orajel™, orthodontic wax and floss designed for braces will aid you during the course of your treatment. Orajel™ is a numbing solution used on your gums or mouth to relieve pain. As your mouth adjusts to your braces, the brackets may rub against your cheek and cause a bit of discomfort. Using Orajel™ on your cheek will provide relief. Orthodontic wax is used to cover any sharp pieces that may irritate your mouth. If you eat hard foods we advise against, a wire may break and pop out of your bracket. Using wax to cover the end of the wire will provide temporary relief until you’re able to call us for an appointment. Floss designed for braces is imperative for keeping your teeth in proper condition. Regular floss cannot permeate the wires, so this special floss will allow you to reach between each tooth. Keeping these items on hand will help make your treatment much more comfortable.

  4. Clean thoroughly.

    Keep your teeth in pristine condition before, during and after your braces. Before getting your braces on, be sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly. The more brushing and thorough flossing, the better! You don’t want a set of braces stacked on top of plaque and lingering bacteria. Be sure to maintain proper care throughout your entire treatment!

  5. Prepare your fridge.

    Similar to how you need to prepare your mind before getting braces, you need to prepare your fridge too! Your fridge will be awfully confused at the lack of sticky, hard, chewy foods available. During your braces treatment try your best to avoid the following:

    • Hard candies: life savers, jolly ranchers
    • Sticky substances: caramel, gum
    • Chewing ice
    • Sugary foods: skittles, twizzlers
    • Foods that you bite into: apples, corn on the cob

Chewing these foods may result in broken brackets, dislodged wires, bacteria buildup and poor oral hygiene.

Getting your braces on is exciting! This means you’re just months away from a straight, bright and healthy smile. We want you to feel comfortable with the transition from bare teeth to braces, so we will educate you and prepare you as much as possible.

If you’re interested in braces for children, teens or adults, please do not hesitate to give us a call or schedule an appointment with us. We provide affordable braces to the Warner Robins and Macon, Georgia communities. If you’re looking for an orthodontist nearby, we would love to help you.

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