SO Clear Aligners: Our Own Alternative to Clear Braces


Direct-to-consumer (DTC) clear aligner treatments have flooded the market lately! Anywhere you turn, you’re liable to see an advertisement for at-home clear aligners with no trips to the orthodontist necessary. We get why DTC clear aligner companies have become so popular, because we understand how busy you are, and how important it is for you to find an affordable treatment. But…

Though DTC, or clear aligners at-home are ideal in theory, these treatments are not doctor designed or supervised, which leaves significant room for error—and potential damage to your smile!

To make life (and orthodontic treatments) easier, safer, and more effective for everyone, we offer SO Clear Aligners—they’re SO fast, SO convenient and SO affordable!

What are SO Clear Aligners?

SO Clear Aligners (Spillers Orthodontics Clear Aligners) are clear aligners that we create right here, in our very own in-house lab! We are constantly searching for the newest technologies to suit our patients’ unique goals and needs, so we began printing our own SO Clear Aligners to help our patients achieve their perfect smile under convenient, safe conditions.

Our SO Clear Aligners are designed and supervised by doctors, making them more effective for minor tooth movements and overall aesthetics. Our treatments accomplish minor tooth movements to shift teeth into a healthy, straight alignment. We can provide the same treatment or better than direct-to-consumer companies. Our SO Clear Aligners are a better option because the treatment is doctor designed, doctor delivered and doctor monitored.

What Differentiates SO Clear Aligners from Other DTC Aligners?

  • Comparable to the cost of popular direct-to-consumer teeth aligners at home, our SO Clear Aligners are affordable. We provide you with affordable clear aligners that are manufactured in our lab. We can provide better treatment at the same cost as the DTC companies and supervise your treatment for you.
  • As our communities know, our main focus is excellent patient service. Our SO Clear Aligner is designed by doctors, and the treatment is supervised by doctors to help our patients achieve their smile goals, safely, effectively and efficiently. Undergoing orthodontic treatment without a doctor’s supervision is a risky decision. In 2017, the AAO reported that about 13% of its orthodontists are seeing patients who tried at-home teeth straightening, and many of these patients were left with irreparable damage! With SO Clear Aligners, you will meet with our orthodontists to assess your teeth before we begin treating you. We want to ensure that we’re shifting your teeth with comfort, accuracy and minimal risk.
  • Designed for minimal tooth movement, SO Clear Aligners treat patients with 10 aligners or less. With alternative clear aligners, patients who require minor treatments are stuck paying full price for alternative clear aligners. SO Clear Aligners bring you better results in a shorter period of time.

We chose to create our own in-office Spillers Orthodontics Clear Aligners to offer you a safe, effective, money-efficient, invisible orthodontic treatment. Using our iTero Digital Scanner, we’re able to scan your teeth and show you a visual of your condition in just 2 minutes.

No matter the treatment, we emphasize patient education to help our patients understand their current condition, their treatment of choice and our orthodontists’ roles in aligning the teeth. Many people visit our office with a goal of straightening their front teeth. We offer SO Clear Aligners at an affordable price to be able to educate each patient on the importance of correcting not only the front teeth, but the bite position too.

The bottom line is: DTC clear aligners that straighten teeth at home don’t utilize the skills and knowledge of a doctor, which means they can damage your teeth and cost more than they should! At Spillers Orthodontics, we provide SO Clear Aligners, designed and overseen by our doctors.

Don’t take a risk on your smile, and don’t pay more than is necessary. Take care of your smile, your health, and your wallet when you choose SO Clear Aligners!

If you, a friend or a family member is seeking clear aligners, Invisalign® in Macon or Warner Robins, or clear braces near you, we would love to chat! We encourage you to schedule an appointment with us today at one of our convenient locations in Georgia.

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