Ava Still Enjoys Her Favorite Foods With Invisalign Teen

Having a straight smile is very important to teenagers. Most teens spend years wearing braces to achieve the perfect smile. Invisalign Teen is a clear alternative to braces that more teens are embracing today because of its many benefits.

Our 12-year-old patient, Ava, is wearing Invisalign Teen and has agreed to share her treatment journey at Spillers Orthodontics with you (watch her video below). Ava’s favorite thing about Invisalign is that she doesn’t have to give up her favorite foods. Since she removes the aligners before eating, there are no food restrictions. She can still enjoy everything, from popcorn to Starburst.

Here are more reasons our tween and teen patients, like Ava, are choosing Invisalign over traditional braces:

1. No one knows you’re straightening your teeth
Ava is a budding actress. She’s also a junior journalist for 13WMAZ, the most-watched television station in Central Georgia. With Invisalign Teen, Ava is able to get the beautiful smile she needs to succeed without anyone ever knowing she’s straightening her teeth.

2. Faster treatment time
Invisalign treatment can deliver the same results as braces in less time. Who wants to be stuck with metal in their mouth for several years when the average treatment time for Invisalign is one year to 18 months? Choosing Invisalign Teen instead of braces reduced Ava’s treatment time by 10 months.

3. Comfort
Though the braces at Spillers Orthodontics use heat-activated wires that work with your body heat to gradually move the teeth, some people find Invisalign more comfortable. Invisalign uses a series of plastic aligners to gradually move the teeth. There are no wires or brackets that can poke you.

4. Easy to clean
Just remove your aligners and brush them with your toothbrush and toothpaste. That’s all. No special, time-consuming techniques required.

5. Better oral hygiene
There is no way to stress the importance of keeping your teeth clean during orthodontic treatment. It’s a really big deal. With Invisalign, teens are able to remove their aligners and brush and floss as if they weren’t even undergoing treatment. Patients with braces, who do not clean their teeth exceptionally well, will experience demineralization of the teeth. This causes white spots on the teeth that will not go away. Demineralization is caused by regular exposure of the tooth to acids, such as those produced by bacterial plaque. So whether teens choose Invisalign or braces, they must do whatever it takes to keep their teeth and gums clean. It’s easier with Invisalign.

6. Less time in our office
As much as we love seeing you, you will spend less time at Spillers Orthodontics if you have Invisalign Teen. Our Invisalign patients come to see us every 10 to 12 weeks. Patients with braces need to visit every eight to 10 weeks. With Invisalign, you won’t experience complications that require additional appointments such as broken brackets and poking wires. This means less missed school and less time off work for our busy patients.

7. See your results before you begin treatment
Invisalign treatment at Spillers Orthodontics is extremely effective because Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon are able to move your teeth in a computerized program to create the exact smile that will be best for you. Therefore, they are able to see how your final smile will look before you ever begin treatment.

Dr. Spillers and Dr. Gordon of Spillers Orthodontics believe that clear aligner treatment, such as Invisalign, is the wave of the future in orthodontics. They have chosen to dedicate extensive time and training to master this orthodontic tool. As a result, Spillers Orthodontics can treat all types of orthodontic cases using Invisalign. We are Middle Georgia’s only Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider. And the cost for Invisalign treatment at our office is usually the same as the cost for braces.

To schedule a complimentary consultation at Spillers Orthodontics, call us at 478-953-2700 or visit us at DrSpillers.com. Spillers Orthodontics in Warner Robins and Macon, Ga., is where great smiles begin.

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